Custom blinds and shades   -   Product warranty statement offers the following warranty on all of our custom made products, including our house brand and national brands that we sell. This policy is extended to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and to properly installer blinds and shades in the original window intended.                                    

                                                        5 year limited warranty

What is covered?

All moving and mechanical parts and components

Head and bottom rails, caps, covers, and tassels,

Shade fabric, slats, and vanes.

Paint, stain, and all component finishes.

What is not covered?

Lift string and cording (2 years)

Damage caused by accident, misuse (intended or not), abuse, improper handling or installation, alteration in any way, improper cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning.

Normal wear and tear

Minor color deviations in fabric, paint, or componentry

Minor warping of wood or faux wood slats

Shipping, freight, or handling costs

Labor to remove, install, or alter

Discontinued or obsolete colors, fabrics or components. (A similar color or product may be offered as a substitute in these cases.)

How do I handle a Warranty issue?

Contact our customer service department and provide product and order information and we will work as your advocate to resolve any issue to the best of our ability.

Phone: 877-888-5519